Students Play Soccer for Local Teams

Dagon Moore, 8th, keeps control of the ball.

Jeffrey Serpas and Ashley Hernandez

“Goal!” yelled the Express coaches and teammates as the team scored its third goal. The ball going into the net is one of the best things and worst things athletes can feel while playing soccer. Teammates yelled at each other to defend or push forward. Stepping on the field is a happy and nervous feeling from the start.

Eighth grader Dagon Moore, from Express, hopes to help his team make it to the finals.

”I will communicate and get the ball down the field and score,” Dagon said.

Express player Lexie Sengmanivong, 9th, is motivated by her dad as well as her teammates who see soccer in her future.

“When I feel nervous, they tell me that I am going to do good on the field,” Lexie said.

Team America has also been stepping up their game to make it to finals.

“I try my best to help my teammates out, and I will never give up on my team,” Jorge Barroso, 9th, said.

Jorge’s brother Rafael, 8th, also has a plan.

“I tell my teammates to be strong on the field and don’t give up,” Rafael said.

For Express player Laisha Zarate, 8th, the loss of a teammate and friend motivates her.

“Aliza Beas, also known as Z, was a really great player, and now that she is not with us anymore, the whole team including myself want to win for her,” Laisha said. “We’re dedicating all of our games to her — win or lose. So far, we have won all of our games. On March 4th, we won our first game 2-0. I scored the second goal and, of course, it was for Z.”