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Jeffrey Serpas, Reporter

Jeffery Serpas, 8th, is a Hispanic boy with short black hair who rarely talks in class. Having moved here from California, Jeffery likes to skateboard and has won trophies in contests. He likes to skateboard because it’s fun.

If he could be any type of animal, Jeffery would be a lion because they are strong.

“I would describe myself as lazy, chill, and funny,” Jeffery said.

William Cervantes first met Jeffery in 7th grade when a mutual friend introduced them.

“My favorite memory of Jeffery is when we made noises together in 3rd period last year to make the teacher mad,” William said.

Jeffery appreciates William’s friendship.

“William is like a brother to me,” Jeffery said.

Jeffery is different from his friends because they like different sports and teams than he does.

“Only the real friends are important to me because they are always there for me,” Jeffery said. “Van Harris is one of my best friends because he is funny and we hang out a lot.”

Jason Serpas, Jeffery’s cousin, gave him some advise.

“Jason told me to never give up,” Jeffery said.

Jeffery, who has three brothers, has a favorite memory of his parents.

“They came to my first skateboarding match and supported me through the whole match,” Jeffery said. “I won.”

Profile written by Torrin Tomes

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