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Ashley Hernandez, Reporter

Ashley Hernandez, 8th, is a nice person who likes being good to her parents and helping them.

“I love to play soccer, I’m a nice person, and I love pizza,“ Ashley said.

Ashley loves spending time with her family.

Kelly Hernandez, Ashley’s sister, remembered a time they went to see Fault in our Stars.

Fault in our Stars is my all-time favorite movie because it is sad and emotional,” Ashley said.

Ashley’s most influential family member in her life is Kelley.

“Kelly would show me what is right and what is wrong,” Ashley said.

In addition to family, Ashley values friendships.

Ashley’s best friend Keyli Peraza, 8th, describes Ashley as a good friend to be around.

“Ashley is a good friend to be around because she’s funny,” Keyli Peraza 8th said.

Ashley values her friends.

“I need friends because they can help you from getting out of a hard situation,” Ashley said.

Profile written by Ikeilah Rodriguez

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Ashley Hernandez