Foreign Language Students Attend World Fest

Foreign language students had adrenaline running through their bodies as they got off the bus and headed into Silver Dollar City for World Fest in April. Mrs. Pierce wanted her students to experience music and food of different cultures from around the world.

“I think that the students mostly enjoyed the rides,” Mrs. Pierce said with a chuckle.

These teens liked being out of the traditional classroom setting.

“I enjoyed riding the rides, staying out of school, and hanging with friends,” Savanna Brown said.

Some students did appreciate the true reason for the field trip.

“The cultural performances were what I enjoyed most and the band members playing outside because the music was really good,” Rachel Cairel, 9th, said.

While some students liked the performances, others liked hearing different accents.

“I liked the Jamaican people because of how they talked, and I enjoyed the food because I tried new stuff,” Mack Goodboo, 8th, said.