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Christy Acosta

Christy Acosta, reporter

Christy Acosta, 8th, has big black puffy hair and dark eyes and loves reading.

“Reading distracts me from the real world," Christy said.

When Christy is not reading books, she is caring about her friends.

“My friends mean everything to me and are the reason I become confident," Christy said.

Gavin Garrett, 8th, has a best memory of Christy.

“When she and I were talking about someone, Christy snorted really loud, and we just laughed obnoxiously," Gavin said.

Other than friends, Christy loves traveling.

“It shows me new experiences to the world, and I would love to travel to other big cities," Christy said.
Written by Wilson Bonilla

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Christy Acosta