Ms. Carpenter Aids All Ages in Speech


With a variety of experience that ranges from assisting the elderly in nursing homes to working with teenagers, Ms. Carpenter loves working with junior high students.

“The students I see in speech therapy sessions never fail to amaze me with their humor and knowledge,” Ms. Carpenter said.

Before coming here, Ms. Carpenter worked at Pulaski County Special School District, Helping Hand Children’s Center, Center’s For Youth and Families, Frisco Independent School District, and Howard Elementary. In her 26 years in education, most of her public school experience has been at the middle and high school levels.

Her Southside High School Oral Communications teacher Mrs. Patti Stiles inspired Ms. Carpenter to become a speech teacher. her grandmother had Alzheimer which made her want to help people with that disease.

“Mrs. Stiles got me interested in helping people who had communication issues,” Ms. Carpenter said. “My grandmother had Alzheimer’s, and I wanted to help other people who had this disease.”

One surprising fact about Ms. Carpenter is that most of her training is medically based. She even has a Master’s of Science degree from University of Arkansas Medical School.

“I have always had at least two jobs with one being at a nursing home or hospital,” Ms. Carpenter said.

Michele Carpenter’s main goal this year is to get to know her students better.

“I want to know how to best support them,” Ms. Carpenter said.

Outside of school, Ms. Carpenter likes hobbies that help her escape reality and relax.

“I really enjoy hiking and enjoying the outdoors and have been an avid birdwatcher since I was a little girl,” Ms.Carpenter said. “I also LOVE reading books.”

One of Ms. Carpenter’s biggest challenges as a speech therapist is scheduling.
“It is difficult pulling students from classes to work with them because every class is important,” Ms. Carpenter said. “I try to help the students achieve their goals to be successful in school and in the community.”