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Pablo Becerra

Pablo Becerra, Reporter

Pablo Beccera, 9th, is a very shy and serious person; yet, around his family and friends, he is talkative and bold.

“The bravest thing I’ve ever done is protecting my dog from another big black dog,” Pablo said.

Pablo is pretty unique from a lot of people. He has quite a few shocking things that others do not know about.

“A surprising fact about me is that I had six fingers when I was born,” Pablo said. “I got it removed before leaving the hospital.”

Anthony Grana, 9th, met Pablo when they found out their moms knew each other.

“I would describe Pablo as a funny, sarcastic guy,” Anthony said. “My favorite memory would be when we went fishing with his uncle. It's my favorite cause we had a bunch of fun that day”

The Flash is Pablo’s all-time favorite Netflix series.

“It’s interesting how he’s come a long way since it all started,” Pablo said.

Pablo’s favorite musician is Tony Loya. He enjoys listening to his music and it is always on replay.

“I like his music because he talks about things going on in life that I can relate to.”

Profile written by Erendire Vanegas

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Pablo Becerra