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Paola Ramirez

Paola Ramirez, Reporter

Paola Ramirez, 8th, is more of a chill, keep-to-herself type of person who could be the next Picasso because she can paint anything.

To clear her mind, Paola likes to paint.

“When I paint, my mind is empty, and my only focus is on my paintbrush and pencils moving,” Paola said.

Quiet is how Paola would describe herself.

“I mostly just mind my own business, and I like to spend time alone,” Paola said.

Friend Katherine Rivera would describe Paola as “a crazy, responsible, sarcastic person.”

“My favorite memory is when we all went to Paola’s house,” Katherine said. “Violet, Paola, Juliza, and I were all there.”

“My best strength is being organized because I’m always organizing my room and trying to make my workspace nice,” Paola said.

Paola liked living in Houston, Texas, the best.

“There’s more things to do over there than in Fort Smith,” Paola said.

Paola’s best travel experience was going back to Houston.

“I got to see a lot of family that I hadn’t seen in years,” Paola said.

One of Paola's favorite things to do is a nice, fun game of volleyball.

“I enjoy volleyball because I’ve played it with my family since I was young,” Paola said.

--Profile written by Logan Claybaugh

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Paola Ramirez