Mrs. Cheryl Schwartz


Amidst messages coming over the walkie talkie, the first-period bell ringing, and a parent on the phone calling in to excuse her child from school, Mrs. Cheryl Schwartz prints out a tardy pass for the next student in line.

As an attendance secretary, the best day for Mrs. Cheryl is when all teachers submit their attendance without her reminding them.

“We as adults expect our scholars to stay on task, but we sometimes forget that we have jobs where people are depending on us to stay on task as well,” Mrs. Cheryl said.

Before Kimmons, Mrs. Cheryl worked as secretary for twelve years at Carnall Elementary School. What she likes best about being here so far is that the staff is very accepting.

“The administration is awesome to work with,” Mrs. Cheryl said.

The biggest challenge for Mrs. Cheryl as a secretary is having a huge heart, and she feels sadness for underprivileged students.

“I wish that I could help all of them or remove them from the situation they are in,” Mrs. Cheryl said.

Mrs. Cheryl’s mom, who was a school secretary at Trusty Elementary School for 25 years, inspired her to become a secretary.

“She always seemed happy and enjoyed her job,” Mrs. Cheryl said. “I learned from the best.”

What Mrs. Cheryl enjoys doing after school is watching her daughter Miley, 15, play high school and travel softball.

“If we are not at the softball field for practice or games, we are watching college softball, or baseball, on tv,” Mrs. Cheryl said.

One surprising thing about Mrs. Cheryl is that she loves the 1990 movie Pretty Woman.

“I’m sure I have watched it over 100 times,” Mrs. Cheryl said.