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Madison Brown

Madison Brown, Reporter

Madison Brown, 8th, is smart, keeps to herself, and likes sharing her snacks with people. A flaw she would like to eliminate is spending too much time on social media.

“I am constantly on it,” Madison said.

Madison’s Bucket List includes being adventurous.

“I'd like to travel the world to discover new things and try skydiving because I want to feel the scariness of it,” Madison said. “I’d also like to become a billionaire because I want to buy everything I've ever wanted.”

The best advice Madison ever received came from her grandpa who encouraged her to do good in life.

“Being a part of the Honors Society is my best accomplishment because it made my grandparents happy,” Madison said.

Izzy Hamilton is Madison’s best friend.

“Izzy is a good person,” Madison said.

Madison's greatest memory with her friends was when they all got together to hangout after having been separated all summer.

“We were in different places, so when we all hung out again, it was special,” Madison said. “They all have a special quality about them which is why they are my friends.”

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Madison Brown