Series Review: Grey’s Anatomy


Madison Brown, Reporter

The ABC series Grey’s Anatomy focuses on Dr. Meredith Grey who carried on her mother’s legacy at Seattle Grace. The audience meets all sorts of people and witnesses tragic events she encounters throughout the show’s 18 seasons. For its serious acting, I give five stars. The characters seem like real life doctors who are very focused and know how to do their jobs. Even if some parts of the plot are cheesy, the acting is still on point. For example, Meredith Grey almost dies four times throughout the series, and Ellen Pompeo’s acting is amazing.

Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of real-life scenarios that others can relate to, such as criminal activity, abuse, and loved ones passing away. The dialogue has medically-accurate terms. The series has had some big scenes like a hospital explosion, a hospital shooter, and a ferry crash. Although some scenes seem crazy, they are still believable because those things can happen in real life. Finally, the cinematography of a hospital setting gets three out of five stars.