Students Reflect on What Art Means to Them

From drawing to painting and sculpting to designing, art allows people to express themselves in diverse ways.

Just about anything inspires Amber Villaneuva, 8th, to create art.

“If I see something or hear something that appeals to me, I feel the urge to reimagine it,” Amber said. “My art says a lot about my emotions or current state of mind. If I’m upset, the lines are intense and messy.”

Amber likes painting with watercolors.

“They’re easy to use and a good medium for beginners,” Amber said.

Friends, family and small art creations inspire Miley Le, 6th.

“I can express my love or affection through my drawings,” Miley said. “My art says that I am somewhat creative when I express my drawing or paintings.”

Painting and sculpting is what Miley enjoys most.

“It helps me calm down when I’m stressed,” Miley said.

Rodrigo Amaya, 6th, is inspired by animators and prefers drawing as his medium.

“Drawing makes me happy, and I’m pretty good at it,” Rodrigo said.

For Litzy Lopez, 8th, the endless possibilities of art inspire her to create even more.

“When making art, I know that I have the freedom to do anything and express myself as I wish,” Litzy said. “Art I create mainly shows my personality, expressing how I feel.”

Litzy enjoys painting the most.

“The few times I’ve painted, I suddenly wanted to feel calm,” Litzy said. “Plus, I like how the paintbrush moves along the canvas or paper, which makes me feel at ease.”

Angela Monta’s best friend inspired her to be an artist.

“She keeps me motivated,” Angela said. “My art shows my creativity and ideas.”

Angela enjoys digital art the best.

“It’s easy to work with, and you have many easy accessible tools,” Angela said.

Cruz Mouton, 8th, is inspired to draw whatever he is obsessed with at that time, including zentangle animals.

“I got to draw a dragon pattern of my choice,” Cruz said.

Friends inspire Jennifer Truong, 7th, to draw.

“Drawing can be simple yet complex,” Jennifer said. “Drawing people expresses my interests and feelings.”

Allison Barahona, 6th, enjoys painting and would like to try sculpting.

“I just use random colors that express my emotions, like blue makes me feel happy and calm,” Allison said.

These dedicated artists have a hard time imagining a world without art.

“Life would be fairly monotone and bland,” Amber said.

Miley thinks that without art would be sad.

“There wouldn’t be any color, films, cartoons, and kids wouldn’t have any fun,” Miley said.

Without art, Cruz’s life would be depressing and Angela’s “absolutely boring.”

“Art is one of the only fun things I do on a day to day basis,” Angela said.

For Litzy, the world would be filled with darkness.

“Art brings so much life to the world, making it bright all around,” Litzy said. “Art also lets people express themselves, even if not everyone understands.”