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Mariah Harrison

Mariah Harrison, Reporter

Mariah Harrison, 8th, may seem quiet and as calm as a lagoon, but she is also cheerful and sweet like a baby. A surprising fact about her is that her parents named her after singer Mariah Carey.

Mariah would describe herself as happy.

“I don’t have anything to be sad about,” Mariah said.

A hobby Mariah enjoys is reading.

“It sets my mind free,” Mariah said.

A flaw Mariah would like to eliminate is being too worrisome.

“It can get really annoying sometimes,” Mariah said.

Friends are very important to Mariah.

“A lot of the time friends help you express yourself,” Mariah said.

Leslie Hernandez, 8th, is Mariah’s closest friend even though they haven’t known each other for long.

“I would describe Mariah as a fun, kind, and nice person,” Leslie said.

A great memory was at cheerleading practice.

“We talked a lot and learned new things about each other,” Mariah said. “For example, I used to think Leslie was mean. But now I know she’s not scary.”

Arantxa Cruz, 8th, and Mariah became friends while trying out for cheer and have been best-friends ever since.

“My favorite memory with Mariah would be during our first football games,” Arantza said. “It was a fun experience to have with her.”

Mariah tried out for cheer because her mom wanted her to have an activity.

“I used to be nervous because practices can be intense, but now I enjoy it and it’s made me tougher,” Mariah said.

Profile written by Paola Ramirez

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Mariah Harrison