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Ladyauna Johnson

Ladyauna Johnson, reporter

Ladyauna Johnson, 13, seems to admire the type of things that are not noticeable on the surface, but only when you dig deep down to find it.

"I'm fun, bubbly, and talkative once you get to know me," Ladyauna said. "My best strength is making people laugh because it just comes naturally."

It is pretty easy for Ladyauna to make friends when all she has to do is make them laugh, but something that comes first before anything including friends to Ladyauna is family.

"My brother is my best friend because we get along great," Ladyauna said about her bond with her siblings.

Not only is she close to her brother, but Ladyauna is also close to her mom and aunt. Ladyauna appreciates her mom who "always puts her children first" and respects her aunt who always gives the best advice.

"My aunt once told me to always keep my money and save it," Ladyauna said. "She and my mom are the most influential people in my family."

Although she has her brother, mom, and aunt to help her along the road, there is at least one person Ladyauna is missing.

"Not seeing my dad while growing up was the biggest challenge in my family because he was going in and out of prison," Ladyauna said.

Not everyone can have both parents in their lives; yet, Ladyauna still keeps her head held high.

Written by Gabby Gaines

All content by Ladyauna Johnson
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Ladyauna Johnson