The Joy in Laughter


Loud laughter, small giggles, and full-out laughing fits are all unique in their own way. Each person is diverse from each other, and we all have our own laughter. We all have something that causes us to laugh, even when we don’t want to. Humor is one of the reasons those joyous wisps of wind escape our lips, resonating our happiness.

Some would disagree and say that it’s better to be serious all the time. They are wrong. I believe humor is great gift to us. The value of laughter is unbelievably huge, and humor gives us those small moments of joy that make life better itself.

Serious people never get to experience the feeling of joy spreading through our bodies and finally escaping out of our mouths. They also stress a lot more because they never let loose and have fun — even if the fun is just a small joke itself. They rarely take time to tell a joke, say something outrageously funny, or even pull a prank on someone and have a good laugh. Since they don’t take time away from their serious lifestyles, they are not jovial, but instead miserable. After a while they might lose the ability to experience something very important to an upbeat, positive lifestyle: the ability to laugh. After that nothing can make them laugh, they stop understanding the humor that others are trying to get across. That, my friend, is the saddest thing of all.

Sad, depressed people mope and feel they don’t have time for laughter or happiness. If they would just take the time to have fun and laugh or find an activity or something in which they find joy, they would not feel so deep in the blues. Some even take a joke to heart and never get over it, even when the other person is just kidding. Once they pent all of that sadness inside, it becomes very unhealthy and all they can do is dwell on that same comment even after they receive justification.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be able to take a joke and laugh about it then to look back on it constantly and think about what is wrong with me all the time. Think of how it would be to wake up every day and never find joy or laughter in anything. It would be very tragic and negative to never be able to laugh or to ever be truly happy.

Sometimes people can’t get over devastating events that have taken place in their lifetimes. Know that I am not targeting them. Or the people who were simply born with a pessimistic outlook of life. If you want to keep your positive nature or change and loosen up your lifestyle to let some happiness shine through, I recommend that you cherish the things that make you jovial. Hold on tight to those things because in this lifetime those are the things that are our lifelines. That is the stuff that keeps us going in life. It’s what makes us want to wake up every day. Keep your laughter and joy and never let go.