Local Library Hosts Blind Date with a Book Program


Antoine Cato

Seventh graders pick out a mystery book for their “Blind Date.”

The smell of love is in the air, but not just the love for people, also the love for books. Kimmons students have been taking advantage of the Windsor Branch Public Library’s “Blind Date with a Book” program. Students in grades 7th through 12th are invited to participate until the end of February.

“What I like best about the Blind Date with a Book program is the books because they were very interesting,” Dante Mcghee, 7th, said. “One of the books I checked out was about drugs, and I like these kinds of books.”

To participate in the program, students must check out a book that is decorated in colored wrapping paper which hides the title and cover. Those who do not like surprises can find out the title. Others might find it more fun to open the secret book like a gift on Christmas Day.

“This program opens up the door to a number of different kinds of books,” Janine Jamison, Windsor Branch Public Librarian, said. “I hope the students gain an opportunity to discover books they never thought they’d read.”