P.E. Students Talk Healthy Choices with Sutton Elementary Students

Between gluing glittery letters and how-to instructions onto tri-fold boards and practicing what to say to kids at Sutton Elementary School, physical education students prepped for the annual Health Fair held at the end of March. Traditionally, Coach East and Mr. Kaelin, a teacher from Sutton, collaborate on the Health Fair. This year, Coach Lemley and Coach Thompson took the lead due to Coach East’s illness.

Topics presented ranged from jump rope, hula hoop, and yoga to more serious topics like Stranger Danger.

“We chose Internet Safety & Bullying for our topic because the students need to be aware of it,” Carolina Aguiano, 9th, said. “I enjoyed teaching the kids because they had fun.”

Each group chose a topic that they liked.

“We chose hula hooping because it’s the only exercise that I actually find entertaining and fun,” Katrina Miller, 9th, said. “The students can benefit from this because they can learn that exercising can be fun too. I liked the team work that was shared to achieve such a project the best. One thing I’d change about the Health Fair would be to have chairs.”

Some P.E. students’ favorite part about the event was simply getting to eat pizza for lunch, but several did enjoy getting to see younger kids having fun and being the cause of making them happy.

“The thing I liked about the Health Fair was that I got to teach the kids how to play, give out prizes, and have fun,” Angale Saeturn, 8th, said.

Coach Thompson enjoyed the opportunity for her students to make a positive impact on the younger generation.

“I liked that our kids at Kimmons have a chance to be leaders and role models for the younger kids in our feeder schools,” Coach Thompson said. “I would like for the Health Fair to reach more classes at Sutton.”

Coach Lemley said she “would not change a thing.”

“The Health Fair went so perfectly because we have awesome kids!” Coach Lemley said.