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Gavin Garrett

Gavin Garrett, reporter

Gavin Garrett, 8th, has bleached hair, wears glasses, and enjoys 1950's movies and music.

“I like how older stuff is more honest," Gavin said.

Gavin also likes Broadway shows.

“My favorite Broadway show is Wicked because it tells the story of a kid who sets her sights on what she believes in, even though the whole world has her pegged as a bad person,” Gavin said.

Other than Broadway, Gavin also cares for his friends.

“I would describe myself as an intelligent, caring, friend to all,” Gavin said.

Friend Imani Esaw, 8th, appreciates Gavin's friendship.

“When I was upset, crying, and my mascara was running, Gavin blew on my face so it would dry,” Imani said.

There's more to Gavin than his sensitive side.

“My best memory of Gavin is when I met him last year because he made me laugh and smile,” Taylor Pritchett, 8th, said.

Like Elphaba in Wicked, Gavin does not mind standing out from others.

“My best memory with Gavin is when he died his hair blue, and I would call him Smurf all the time,” Kaylan Willis, 8th, said.

Before Gavin’s life is over, he would like to go to New York City.

“New York is the city of dreams,” Gavin said.

In addition to Broadway, friends, and NYC, Gavin also likes cats.

“Cats know when to leave you alone, and they are the best cuddle buddies EVER!” Gavin said.

Gavin has one black cat named Julius Caesar after his love of Shakespearean plays.

“Gavin likes cats a lot -- just a lot,” Taylor said.

Written by Kaitlin Dodson

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Gavin Garrett