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Ericka Martinez

Ericka Martinez, reporter

Funny, nice, and caring freshman Ericka Martinez has some things on her bucket list that she would like to do before she dies.

“I would like to learn how to swim, go to California, and meet celebrities,” Ericka said.

Other than her bucket list, Ericka also has an amazing personality.

“Ericka is funny and cool," Sidney Whittaker, 9th, said. "She’s caring and always there."

Ericka has been given good advice by her mother.

"She told me not to hold on to everything because everything doesn’t last forever,” Ericka said.

Ericka's childhood includes a memory Ericka won’t forget.

“My most memorable experience from childhood is the first time going to Mexico because that’s when I got my first scar,” Ericka said.

Written by Jose Morales

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Ericka Martinez