KJH Cheerleaders Defy Stereotypes


Unlike the blonde, snobby cheerleaders in Bring It On, the KJH cheerleaders are leaders with good grades, responsibilities, and a variety of ethnicities.

“Some people think cheerleaders aren’t smart and only care about what they look like,” Addison Bush, 9th, said. “These things are not true. We care about our grades a lot because we can’t cheer forever. We have to work towards other things as well.”

Being a cheerleader here requires time and dedication to learning the stunts, cheers, and routines.

“Cheerleading just gives me feeling of leadership and responsibility,” Tamia Knauls, 8th, said.

The ladies have different reasons for why they became cheerleaders.

“What inspired me to be a cheerleader was the challenge that comes with being a part of the team,” Litzy Martinez, 8th, said.

The bonds formed are undeniable.

“I love these ladies!” Nya Josenberger, 8th, said. “They are my second family.”