Students Hail Miss Hale

When the first-period bell rang, 8th graders poured into room 403 for Social Studies as Miss Hale, intern, welcomed them in a positive, friendly manner.

“Miss Hale never went a day without smiling,” Xzander Pinkney said.

A student at UAFS, Miss Hale enjoyed interning for Mr. K. Morris, getting to know the kids, and teaching them that there is a fun way to learn about American history. Mr. Morris enjoyed sharing the classroom with Miss Hale because interns “bring the latest and greatest to the table.”

“I was most impressed with Miss Hale’s work ethics because she was working as an intern, going to school, doing homework, and working a full-time job at the same time,” Mr. Morris said. “I don’t know that I could do the same.”

Through her creative approach to learning, Miss Hale inspired her students.

“Miss Hale impacted my learning by bringing fun teaching methods into the classroom,” Kaiah Johnson said. “I liked that she was always interacting with the students and laughing.”

Miss Hale had a reason to laugh.

“I loved watching those kids fire Mr. Morris up!” Miss Hale said.

In addition to the entertaining classroom environment, students enjoyed the challenges presented by Miss Hale.

“I liked how Miss Hale motivated us to do good things,” Deja Wesley said.

The students appreciated Miss Hale, but she also benefited from teaching at the junior-high level.

“Being at Kimmons showed me what type of teacher I strive to be one day,” Miss Hale said.

While here, Miss Hale made an impression on her students.

“My favorite memory was when we played Grudgeball,” Kaitlin Dodson said. “She wasn’t familiar with the game, so she was figuring it out as we played.”

Not only will Miss Hale’s students miss her, but she too will miss them, too.

“I’m going to miss the students so much!” Ms. Hale said. “I have never taught such a lively and jovial group of students. I wouldn’t replace my time here for the world.”