Freshmen Look Back


Three years ago, freshmen had just started here. Now these teenagers are leaving the family they have built over time. These freshmen have made many memories as Raiders.

“My best memory was the pep rallies because I got to be hyped and play my trombone,” Phillip Praphan said.

Aside from Band, freshmen will miss sports.

“My best memory was spending time with all my teams,” Cynthia Flores said. “My volleyball and cross country teams are all like family.”

In addition to sports, freshmen enjoyed P.E.

“We had a lot of fun playing soccer in P.E.,” Eldri Montoya said.

Other freshmen will miss the dedication of their junior high teachers.

“In Algebra, Mrs. Heyn would always tell me how to do my work step by step,” Juana Saldivar said.