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Xyliah Xayvongsa

Xyliah Xayvongsa, Reporter

The brown-eyed, dark-haired Xyliah Xayvongsa, 8th, feels she is not perfect.

“A flaw I would like to eliminate is my modesty because sometimes I don’t take credit for my achievements,” Xyliah said.

Xyliah loves writing but hates baked raisins.

“Writing helps me relieve myself of my thoughts, but baked raisins are gross and worthless,” Xyliah said.

Fellow eighth graders Selena Gonzales and Kaitlyn Heron are her best friends.

“I can be myself around them without being judged,” Xyliah said.

Selena feels that Xyliah is very nice.

“Xyliah would always help me when I do need it,” Selena said. “My favorite memory is the time I fell in a hole, and we laughed about it for weeks.”

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Xyliah Xayvongsa