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Duy Tran

Duy Tran, Reporter

Duy Tran, 8th, is a friendly, smart, and quiet boy who describes himself as carefree.
His best strength is cleverness.

“I can think outside of the box and remember what I learn,” Duy said.

Jean Rubio’s favorite moment with Duy was when they were doing a presentation.

“We took turns reading the slides, and it was really fun,” Jean said.

A flaw Duy would like to eliminate is procrastinating.

“I want to do something without taking forever to do it,” Duy said.

If he created a Bucket List, Duy would like to go sky diving because it sounds fun.

“I would also like to go to Florida because of the nice beaches and climb Mt. Magazine because it sounds fun,” Duy said.

Out of the places Duy has lived, he likes living in Fort smith the best.

“It is small and relatively safe,” Duy said.

Duy’s all-time favorite type of music is country.

“I like string instruments,” Duy said.

Duy’s all-time favorite movie is V for Vendetta.

“I like the story premise that any anarchist can destroy a tyrannical dictatorship,” Duy said.

If Duy could be any animal, he would be a Galapagos Giant.

“There are no natural predators, and they live for a long time,” Duy said.

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Duy Tran