Teen Read Week Short Story: “Super Heroes to the Rescue”


Once upon a time there was a villain named Lucky who wanted to attack New York City. He called for more villains to help him convert people into The Army of the Wicked. Disaster struck New York City as people were being turned into zombies!

An alarm went off signaling to the Band of Superheroes that there was an emergency in the city. Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Thor, and Hawkeye arrived to see the damage and began plotting against the villains. Unfortunately, Lucky brought in even more villains, plus a dragon and robots from other planets! He was controlling people with his magic ring.

The Superheroes worked together to take away Lucky’s magic ring, so that people could become human again. Ironman fired a missile at Lucky but missed. As Captain America and Wonder Woman battled Lucky, the Hulk smashed the robots. Hawkeye shot arrows at the dragon, and Thor swung his hammer at its head.

The superheroes managed to defeat the villains! They wrapped up the evil Lucky, smashed his ring, and all the zombies returned to humans. Everyone lived happily ever after.