Science Students Explore Natural Falls State Park

As freshmen hiked through the Natural Falls State Park in the Ozarks on May 3rd, they saw turtles and rabbits, heard birds chirping and water flowing, and felt the wind blowing. The science class incentive trip gave students the opportunity to be outdoors and apply science hands-on as they explored waterfalls, creeks, and trails.

“I enjoyed being out of school and spending time with people I don’t have classes with because we could do whatever we wanted,” Ericka Martinez said. “I also learned to not go off the trail because I almost got lost, but I found my way back.”

These science students learned other practical life lessons that day.

“I learned to not run down the hill because you can fall and hurt yourself,” Jesse Villalobos said.

Avoiding getting lost or injured weren’t the only life lessons learned.

“It was a great experience,” Peety Gutierrez said. “Plus, I learned that you should wear shoes that you don’t care about messing up.”

The day in nature had its advantages.

“The students experienced some things that many of them never had before, such as having to cross creeks by walking across fallen logs and keeping close attention to their surroundings to avoid snakes,” Mrs. English, science teacher, said. “Experiencing and exploring our natural world is taken for granted far too often. Unplugging from social media and feeling the sun shine on your face is good for the soul!”

Amado Villareal agreed.

“I learned that nature is beautiful,” Amado said. “Being out in nature makes me feel closer to everything.”

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