Generation Z See that Cupid is Blind

Janean Llanes and Quenton Phelan

As you walk down the street, from the corner of your eye something catches your attention. You notice a couple holding hands and laughing together, but they are not like other couples. They are inter-racial.

In the 2010s, more people are accepting of inter-racial relationships because the world is changing. Generation Z just do not care or even pay attention to something that used to ignite riots. People fall in love with who their hearts choose, not what people say is right or wrong.

For example, Jasmine Lindsey and Dominique Andrews met in Band when on a bus going to a football game. Jasmine is white, and Dominique is black.

“Dominique is funny and protective,” Jasmine said. “What attracted me to him was his kindness and humor because he makes me laugh.”

Janean Llanes, who is Latina, and Quenton Phelan, who is white, met in 1st period in 8th grade, and their parents are very happy for them.

“Quenton’s kindness and sense of humor attracted me,” Janean said.