Cafeteria Ladies Talk Lunch


Waiting for what feels like so long, students try to reach the front of the lunch line, show their ID cards to Coach Wallace, and finally enter the cafeteria. These hungry teens look around, see everyone eating, and smell the delicious food. A choice must be made — food bar or main line.

Some wonder what it would feel like to have to feed close to 900 kids.

“The hardest part is trying to predict which line students will want and then having enough food but not too much so nothing gets wasted,” Mickey Smallwood, cafeteria worker, said.

Making food in bulk amounts taste good is another challenge.

“We feel happy if everybody eats,” Vitalia DeLa Rosa said.

Some students have wondered where the 25-cent cookies have gone.

“Our government said we have too many overweight kids,” Miss Mickey said.

Kellie Jacobs, cafeteria worker, has another theory.

“Michelle Obama is the reason we have no more cookies,” Miss Kellie said.

If there were no government guidelines, these lovely lunch ladies would have their own ideas for the school menu.

“I would serve fries with cheese sauce every day because the kids love them,” Miss Kellie said.

Alice Keen, cafeteria worker, would skip ahead to the end of the meal.

“I would serve desserts every day!” Miss Alice said. “ I like something sweet after a meal. Why wouldn’t everyone?”