Anti-Valentine’s Day

Anti-Valentines Day

For some students, Valentine’s Day meant showering their loved ones with gifts; however, others felt that the holiday was just a petty excuse to make prices go higher. These are the anti-Valentine’s people who just cannot stand it.

“I hate Valentine’s Day because people make an excuse to show love when in reality they should show love every day,” Christy Acosta, 8th, said.

It came down to a choice between saving money or buying useless trinkets that won’t matter the next day. Basically, these anti-Valentine’s Day people believe that the holiday is just another day, and there shouldn’t really be a reason for Valentine’s because love should be shown every day to the ones who are always there for you.

“Love isn’t even real,” Kortney Farber, 9th, said. “It’s just a figment of people’s imaginations.”