Personification: Scimitar

Personification: Scimitar

Jake Grist, reporter

I am the thing men fear. I am the thing that pierces.
I am the thing that ends sons, fathers , uncles, and elders.
I served my wielder storming the walls of Jerusalem — I am a scimitar.

I tear through armor and flesh.
I cut arms, heads, and legs.
I served the Ottamans, Egyptians, and kingdoms of Africa.
My fellows have gone through wielder to wielder.
But I have stayed the same.
For my wielder has lived.

I’ve cut through Christians and their horses.
I’ve cut through man, woman, and child.
I strike the enemy in his final moments and watch him as his eyes open with fear.
I am the son of steel.

I fear them not for I am steel.
Steel sees no fear for we are not flesh.
But I am more than steel.