Careers Classes Learn about UAFS and College Life

Ms. Core’s 8th grade Careers classes traveled to the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (UAFS) in April to get a preview of what it is like in college. UAFS representatives told the teenagers about the variety of opportunities to earn scholarships and encouraged their guests to volunteer for clubs and other activities.

Each semester, Ms. Core brings her students to UAFS.

“I wanted students to experience the college environment because it is way different from high school,” Ms. Core said.

Teenagers liked different things while on the college tour.

“I enjoyed the 24/7 cafeteria the most because that means that I can get a snack whenever I want,” Jessica Osorio said.

Other than food, the teens also liked seeing where college students live.

“I enjoyed looking at the dorms because that’s where you’ll sleep and who doesn’t love sleep?” Ana Rivas said.

Students considered UAFS as a good college for many reasons.

“I consider UAFS as a good example of college because you can study different kinds of careers,” Magdalena Castillo said.

Some simply liked the atmosphere of the the campus.

“I consider UAFS a good college to attend because it is a nice place to take the next step,” Kenny Nguyen said.