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Rosie Nguyen

Rosie Nguyen, reporter

Rosie Nguyen, 8th, smiles with satisfaction when meeting up with her friends, especially when they talk about South Korean pop and hip-hop music called K-Pop.

"Sharing my K-Pop experience with Rosie was the best time I have shared with her," Nhu Pham said.

When she's not listening to K-Pop, Rosie enjoys singing.

"I love music," Rosie said.

On the toughest times, Rosie has people who support her no matter how small the situation may be.

"My friends are very important to me because they are always there for me," Rosie said.

Rosie also likes to have fun with friends.

"Last year in 7th grade Language Arts, Rosie and I would always be laughing," Hali Newman, 8th, said.  "We had some good, funny moments in that class.  Rosie's funny, nice, and if anything loud."

Rosie would like to learn Korean because "it's cool" and play more soccer.

"I like soccer because the court is round," Rosie said.

Rosie's family is a big part of her life.

"A memory with my parents that was fun was when we went to the theaters and had a great time," Rosie said.

Even though she enjoys times with her parents, Rosie feels different from her siblings.

"The biggest challenge in my house is fitting in because I always feel different," Rosie said.  "I have two older siblings, and we never get along."

Written by Verenise Perez

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Rosie Nguyen