Ice-Cream Float Incentive

A scoop of sweet, refreshing, creamy ice cream added to a mixture of bubbly soda created a tasty, delightful ice-cream float for the April Incentive. As students, with floats in hand, piled into the courtyard, laughter and excitement made for a bubbly atmosphere.

“The best part about the float incentive is that I got to be with my friends, especially the ones I don’t see much at school,” Justin Maymoundok, 8th, said.

In addition to time with friends outside of class, students enjoyed the sweet treat.

“I liked getting to explore the variety of tasty flavors,” Johnne Le, 8th, said.

The Raider Reps made the event possible. Sponsors Mrs.Holland and Mrs. Remy secured ice cream donations from Hiland and received a discount from the Coca-Cola Bottling Company for the soda.

“The best thing was being able to serve other students,” Bao Ha, 9th grade Raider Rep, said. “We got to go the cafeteria as early as 6th period to go help scoop ice-cream into more than 150 cups.”