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Berenice Garcia

Berenice Garcia, reporter

Eight grader Berenice Garcia felt a smile coming as she walked down the street with her family.  Berenice cherishes every moment with them.

"One of my best memories with my family is when my mom pushed me while I was in a stroller down the railroad tracks while pit bull was chasing me," Berenice said.

Other than family, Berenice also hangs out with her friends.

"I consider Berenice my best friend since she understands me very well," Austin Sourannasone said.  "She is a person you know right away that you can trust."

Berenice may seem like a quite and shy person, but that is not the case.

"I make friends because I am, in fact, very talkative," Berenice said.

When she is not talking with friends, Berenice enjoys reading.

"Reading is peaceful," Berenice said.

Tennis and archery are also part of her hobbies.

"I like archery and tennis because they help me with my accuracy," Berenice said.

Berenice is a positive, nice, and welcoming person on which people can count.  She makes people feel better.  Much like her sister, Petra, did when advising her to "go on with the obstacles of life."

"The day I was crying, Berenice asked me if I was okay and that made me feel better," Taylor Gilyard, 8th, said.

Written by Elizabeth Gonzalez

All content by Berenice Garcia
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Berenice Garcia