Poems by Ms. Ferguson’s Students

Descriptions of Kimmons

Poems by Ms. Fergusons Students

Like a melting pot of people,
Smells like teen spirit,
Is louder than the youth in it,
It makes me feel like I belong.

Different students being themselves every day,
Like weird smelling perfume that each student sprays on a million times a day,
Laughs everywhere like dying hyenas,
It makes me feel like everyone fits in no matter what they look like.

Is the grand, bold colors of red and black,
Along with the smell of lunch tantalizing as a worm to a fish,
With the rolling hill sound of the band,
It makes me feel safe and important.

Looks like the end of a finish line with a throphy,
Smells like the winning team,
Sounds like accomplishments that are being made,
It makes me feel good and successful.

As big as Kimmons Junior High on the corner of Windsor and N 50th Street,
With the smell of the cafeteria food coming to greet you and say “hello,”
And the laughs of happiness coming from the classroom as if a comedian show has ended,
It makes me feel as if I am a pan of bread in an oven, all safe and warm.