Basketball Spirit Week

Oneida Ibarra and Gabby Garcia

Full of enthusiasm, students swarmed into the building in February, filling up the empty hallways with laughter and smiles for they were more than ready for Basketball Spirit Week! Unlike the typical Monday, students paraded past Mrs. Copeland, secretary, in their pajamas.

“I liked Pajama Day the best,” Mrs. Copeland said. “We need to do that for two days!”

Tuesday became a blast from the past with Decade Day. Some girls arrived in 1950’s poodle skirts and others in 1980’s-inspired bright-neon clothing. Boys wore 1970’s afros and tie dye shirts. Even the teachers joined in, like Mrs. Post with her 1990’s grunge look. Decade Day presented the biggest challenge for some students.

“Decade day was the hardest to dress up for because people our age don’t have old clothes,” Fabiola Varguez, 7th, said.

For others, Hawaiian Day proved difficult. However, some did manage to find vibrantly-colored flowered shirts and leis. People could almost smell the flowers.

With Thursday came Spirit Day, which meant wearing red and black. Indeed the students had spirit in them for the Pep Rally had gotten them hyped up like little kindergartners on chocolate.

On Friday, sharply-dressed students strolled through the hallways as if they were going to a Tea Party since it was Fancy Friday. Every now and then, the click-tick of someone’s heels echoed down the hall.

“Fancy Friday was my favorite because I looked really nice,” Kaleb Josenberger, 8th, said with a smirk on his face.

Motivation overflowed!

“LiveSchool points were my inspiration so I can spend them on the Ice Cream Sundae Incentive,” Azucena Banuelos, 8th, said.

Some joined in to encourage others.

“I think when teachers participate, it motivates students as well,” Mrs. Medlock said. “They need to forget about what everyone else thinks and feel free to express their individuality! Haters gonna hate!”

Anisha Hatton, 9th, repeated her five-days-in-a-row dress-up streak from Football Spirit Week.

“This is my last year here and a lot of people look up to me, so I try to inspire them to go all out,” Anisha said. “I am the spirit of Kimmons!”