Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, couples exchanged candy hearts, teddy bears, and roses. Most couples were excited about the holiday of love.

“What I like best about Valentine’s Day is that I get to buy Bryan something special, and if I waste a lot on him, it’s still worth it because Valentine’s is only once a year,” Iris Martinez, 7th, said.

Iris and Bryan Arrona have been together for close to six months.

“What keeps us together is that we trust each other and try not to have problems,” Iris said.

Not only were 7th grade couples excited, but also 8th and 9th grade were as well.

Quenton Phelan and Janean Llanes, both in 8th grade, have been dating for a little over a month.

“I like Valentine’s Day because I get to spend time with Janean,” Quenton said. “I get to show her I really love her.”

Freshmen Bebe Chokbengboun and Isaiah Joe, who met during summer band practice, have been together for almost five months.

“The things I like best about Valentine’s Day are giving gifts to my friends and girlfriend Bebe and also receiving gifts,” Isaiah said.