Students Succumb to 4th-Period Hunger


In fourth period, students stare at the clock and wish the hands to go faster. Images of hamburgers, french fries, or tortilla chips smothered in nacho cheese parade through their brains; yet, the teachers just keep talking. Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Three minutes until lunch and now everyone looks at the clock in unison. “What are we are having today?” they wonder. RING! The bell sounds as desks gets shoved and feet stomp in the rush to get food.

“4th period hunger is terrible,” Gabby Gaines, 8th, said. “We should get to eat earlier.”

Whether in A, B, or C lunch, students have a certain time they start checking the clock.

“I tend to first start looking around 10:43 a.m.,” Jalessa Llanes, 8th, said.

Freshmen have to wait the longest for food.

“Yes, I think about food in 4th period because I be hungry,” Zamario Miller, 9th, said.