The Basketball Game

Practice with Figurative Language

The  Basketball Game

“Thump.” “Thunk.” “Thud.” I dribbled the ball across the floor and leaped forward ready to take the perfect plan into action. The scene was perfect. I jumped towards the hoop, ball in hand. Some opponents opened their mouths and stared in disbelief. I was as sweaty as a pig and my confidence quickly shifted when I felt the ball slipping from my hands. Yet, I refused to be defeated and tried to get my grip back. It was useless so instead I pushed. “Nooooooooooooo!” Yeah, that’s what I said when a shadow slowly came into view like a thunderstorm closing in on a sunny day. For when I saw that hand hovering, I knew it would block the ball easily. It was a darkness taking away my happiness. There was a hint of hope still in me that I refused to let go of. All I could do was hold on to it with heart in hand. For the moment was so intense, it left the fans amazed, astonished, and in awe that they couldn’t even speak. The ball soared with a fierce speed and then stopped with an unsure look but only for a short second. As it quickly went back down, my heartbeat was that of a volcano about to erupt. Suddenly, I could hear the cheering. My shoulders dropped a thousand bricks, and I could finally relax.