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Yanelly Portillo

Yanelly Portillo, Reporter

Yanelly Portillo, 8th, is very quiet during her classes, but when she’s with her friends, she becomes a comedian.

Magdaly Vega, 8th, first met Yanelly in 7th grade when Magdaly’s friend, Irish Osario, introduced Yanelly to her.

“My favorite memory of Yanelly is when we were sitting in Ms. Mullin's 4th period Language Arts class, and we kept on laughing,” Magdaly said.

Preslie Barter, 8th, is another friend who Yanelly enjoys being around.

“We always laugh together in math class,” Preslie said.

The bravest thing Yanelly has ever done was support a friend.

“She was getting bullied in the hallway, so I told her to just ignore them,” Yanelly said. “She was grateful.”

Friends are dear to Yanelly and wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.

“I’m different from my friends because I’m very over protective,” Yanelly said.

Yanelly makes sure her friends know that she will keep them safe.

“Yanelly is very protective,” Preslie said.

When Yanelly has spare time, she enjoys art.

“I love drawing,” Yanelly said.

Junk food is a weakness for Yanelly.

“A flaw I would like to eliminate is to eat less junk food because it's not healthy,” Yanelly said. “I even bring snacks to math class and eat them with my friends.”

As well as friends, family is important to Yanelly.

“My best memory with my family was when we all hangout and tell jokes,” Yanelly said. “It stands out because it's fun, and we are all together.

Profile written by Paola Ramirez

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Yanelly Portillo