Mrs. Interiano Embraces ELL Program


Originally from Los Angeles, California, Mrs. Gemma Interiano has had a variety of career paths before coming to Kimmons as an English language learner (ELL) paraprofessional. She has sold real estate, notarized documents, and even taught preschool in California for twelve years.

“My love to teach children was my inspiration to become an ELL para,” Mrs. Interiano said. “I felt that as a bilingual teacher, I would be of great use in this area.”

Getting the English Language Learners to speak fluently enough to be able to understand, speak, and write in English is what Mrs. Interiano hoped to accomplish this school year. Having already earned an Associate’s degree in Child Development from Santa Monica College and a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Administration from Ashford University, Mrs. Interiano aspires to add another certification.

“My plan is to have my Arkansas teaching License by the end of this school year,” Mrs. Interiano said.

One of the biggest challenges Mrs. Interiano has had while working as a ELL para here was getting used to working with teens.

“I was so used to teaching preschoolers that it was a bit of a shock to work with older students,” Mrs. Interiano said. “I had to learn new ways to approach them and have a stronger character with them.

Outside of school, Mrs. Interiano loves spending time with her three children and her husband.

“I love cooking and baking for them,” Mrs. Interiano said. “I also love running, nature walks, and other exercises.”

A surprising fact about Mrs. Gemma is her true age.

“When I tell them how old I am, people always question me,” Mrs. Interiano said.