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Jemmy Ramirez Lopez

Jemmy Ramirez Lopez, Reporter

Jemmy Ramirez, 9th, is a fun spirited and talkative person who wants to travel to Guatemala.
“I could visit family that I’ve never met before,” Jemmy said.
California is the state that Jemmy liked living in the best.

“I got to go to the beach every week with my mom,” Jemmy said.

Jemmy’s favorite place to visit is North Little Rock, Arkansas, where she goes each July for church camp with her friends.

“Jasmine and I got lost in the woods for like an hour, and we weren’t found until one of our other friends came to look for us,” Jemmy said.

Jemmy’s best travel experience was when she was on a bus with her church youth group en route to a youth convention.

“I had an awesome experience and that was the first time I left Arkansas after moving here from California,” Jemmy said.

Having met in elementary school, Aviyel James is one of Jemmy’s closest friends.

“We’ve always kinda talked but we didn’t really get close until this year because we have Journalism together,” Aviyel said. “I would describe Jemmy as funny, nice, and responsible.”

Jahir Araujo is another one of Jemmy’s friends.

“Jemmy is nice and caring and will always be there if you need anything,” Jahir said. “She has one of the best personalities you will find. My favorite memory is when she was listening to my type of music on her airpods, and we was bumpin’ that Action Pack Ap.”

A sport Jemmy enjoys playing is volleyball.

“It’s the only sport I'm average at,” Jemmy said.

Piano is a hobby Jemmy would like to learn more about.

“I really love piano and just need to play it more,” Jemmy said. “I also enjoy singing because it calms me down, and I can relax from it.”

Profile written by Mariah Harrison and Devin Jones

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Jemmy Ramirez Lopez