Mrs. Freeman Helps Struggling Readers


From struggling to read and comprehend as a student in grade school to now helping kids cope with Dyslexia, Mrs. Sara Freeman is here as a reading interventionist.

“I decided to become an interventionist to help other struggling readers like myself,” Mrs. Freeman said. ”I was not given tools to help me become a better reader when I was younger. Becoming an interventionist has helped me become a more fluent reader and has also helped my comprehension.”

This native of Fort Smith graduated from John Brown University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education. Mrs. Freeman was inspired to teach by her 2nd grade teacher.

“She made learning so much fun and helped me with my reading,” Mrs. Freeman said.

The biggest challenge for Mrs. Freeman as a reading interventionist is pacing.

“I cannot go too fast or too slow,” Mrs. Freeman said.

Mrs. Freeman has set specific goals for herself.

“My goals this school year are to be more organized and to help my students really understand what we are doing and why we are doing it,” Mrs. Freeman said.

Before coming to Kimmons, Mrs. Freeman taught preschool in Greenwood, kindergarten and first grade at County Line, and served as a Title 1 Specialist at Albert Pike Sutton.

Kimmons has been a wonderful experience for Mrs. Freeman.

“I love the environment,” Mrs. Freeman said. “The students are happy and so respectful, not only to each other but the teachers. The teachers here genuinely care about each other and the students. It is such a happy place and everyone knows the expectations. And of course my most favorite thing is the admin!”

Outside activities are enjoyable for Mrs. Freeman and her family.

“I love attending my daughter’s sporting events,” Mrs. Freeman said. “My girls practice so hard, and I enjoy seeing their hard work pay off. During the spring and early summer, my family really enjoys hiking and just getting out in nature. We try to go to different trails each time.”

Mrs. Freeman has some interesting snack choices.

“I know it’s crazy but my favorite after school snack is saltine crackers dipped in ketchup!” Mrs. Freeman said.