Mrs. Shelly Aims for Students to Embrace Math


Mariah Harrison, Reporter

From educating 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in Dallas, Texas, to teaching Math at Beard Elementary and Cedarville Middle School, Mrs. Sheila Shelly has now taken on 8th grade Math here. Having earned her Bachelor’s degree from Arkansas Tech, Mrs. Shelly has devoted 25 years to education.

Surprisingly, Mrs. Shelly became a math teacher by accident.

“I had just accepted my first job in Dallas when my principal decided that since I had such great recommendations that I would be the math teacher,” Mrs. Shelly said. “I have always been thankful for her choice.”

Mrs. Shelly’s main goal is to get to May.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made this year hard for everyone,” Mrs. Shelly said.

Mrs. Shelley’s favorite thing about teaching at Kimmons so far is “everything.”

“I have great students, and I am so happy to be working with some of the nicest people,” Mrs. Shelly said.

Although Mrs. Shelly loves teaching, there are some challenges.

“So many kids do not like Math because they think it is hard, so I try my best to make it easy for them to learn,” Mrs. Shelly said. “Hopefully they learn to like it a little bit!”

Outside of school, Mrs. Shelly enjoys spending time with her family of seven kids, three dogs, and five cats and being physically active.

“My most favorite thing is just being with my kids and my new grandbaby!” Mrs. Shelly said. “I love them! I also love to cook, workout, and work on my house.”