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Keyera Walters

Keyera Walters, Reporter

Keyera Walters, 8th, is an introverted-yet-caring girl who appreciates her friends and family. When Keyera is with people who are important to her, it is easy to be herself. In fact, she has a great memory of a sleepover with her best friend.

“She broke my bed and kicked me into a corner,” Keyera said. “We both laughed and still laugh about it to this day.”

Litzy Lopez feels that Keyera is a good friend.

“Keyera is a great listener, speaks her mind, and has funny stories to tell,” Litzy said. “One of my favorite memories is when we were working together on a paper and helped each other out.”

As fun as it sounds to be around Keyera, she can be a lot to deal with during frustrating times.

“If there is something I don’t want to do, either I won’t do it at all or I’ll complain about it until it’s done,” Keyera said. “Even though I’m fun and goofy, I have very bad anger issues, and if you take my food away from me, we will have a problem.”

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Keyera Walters