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Savanah Walls

Savanah Walls, Reporter

Savanah Walls, 8th, sat silently in class and stared intently at her computer screen as she fought off villains in Creatures of Sonaria. Not until the teacher called her name, did she look up.

Growing up as the middle child in a family of six has been challenging.

“I’m way different from my family members because I like snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and lizards. It's funny because they're always telling me I'm an odd duck,” Savanah said.

Wings of Fire is Savanah’s all-time favorite book series.

“They have the right amount of action, sadness, and adventure,” Savanah said.

If she could be any animal, Savanah would be an alligator or crocodile.

“They are adorable, especially because of their cute eyes,” Savanah said.

Something on Savanah’s Bucket List is jumping out of an airplane because it looks fun.

“I would also like to scuba dive because I wanna see the fish,” Savannah said. “I’ve ridden horses three times, but I’d like to ride more because it makes me feel tall.”

A surprising fact about Savanah is that she is way more energetic away from the classroom setting.

“Everyday when we hang out after school, it feels nice,” Harleigh Goodman said.

Jadea Andrews also appreciates Savanah’s friendship.

“Savanah is always caring, puts her friends before anything, and you can alway talk to her if needed about anything,” Jadea said.

Profile by Daimian Vega

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