Razorback Fan Mrs. Williams Comes to Kimmons


From movie extra to classroom teacher, Mrs. Williams has been an educator for eighteen years. She taught 6th grade Science at Ozark and Park Elementary School, plus fourth grade with all subjects before coming here.

As for that whole movie extra thing, Mrs. Williams won free tickets after singing karaoke with a friend and her kids.

“The director was filming the karaoke, and it made it into the tour movie, Hannah Montana: The Best of Both Worlds,” Mrs. Williams said.

Her 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Cockrum, first inspired Mrs. Williams to become a teacher.

“She was so cool, and I wanted to be just like her,” Mrs. Williams said.

Mrs. Williams earned a Bachelor’s in Education from The University of the Ozarks and a Masters degree in Library and Media from Arkansas Tech University.

What Mrs. Williams likes best here is the middle school schedule and the students.

“I love seeing all the kids each period,” Mrs. Williams said. “My goal is to build relationships with them. If a person does not feel safe or feel like you care, then they won’t try.”

The biggest challenge as a 6th grade science teacher for Mrs. Williams has been trying to get to know all 150 students in her classes, along with their likes and dislikes.

“This goes back to building relationships, and it can help me tie in their likes to lessons that I teach,” Mrs. Williams said.

Outside of school, Mrs. Williams enjoys traveling.

“I like to see different parts of the world and experience new cultures and adventures,” Mrs. Williams said.

Mrs. Williams also likes watching the Hogs play.

“I grew up watching Razorback sports, and I enjoy spending time with friends when we watch or go to games,” Mrs. Williams said.