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Kaleb McDonald

Kaleb McDonald, Reporter

Kaleb McDonald, 9th, is an energetic comedian who cares a lot for other people.

“My weakness is that I’m always in trouble,” Kaleb said.

Despite his weakness, Kaleb also has strengths.

“My best strength would be flirting with girls because I’m a ladies’ man,” Kaleb said.

Kaleb also has a fun side, which shows in what he has on his Bucket List.

“Before I die, I want to get 8k gold on my teeth, buy an I8 BMW car, and to travel overseas with Ke’ona Waugh,” Kaleb said.

Girls aren’t the only thing on his mind. Kaleb also has a good relationship with some of his family.

“My mama has influenced me the most because she always told me I can be anything I want, just work hard and keep good grades,” Kaleb said.

Even with the good motivation from his mom, Kaleb also had some challenges growing up.

“My biggest challenge has been losing my grandpa,” Kaleb said. “He was my rock and he taught me so much stuff.”

A good thing to know about Kaleb is he has strong relationships with his friends.

“My favorite memory of Kaleb would be all the times we spent together because they’re always fun,” Demarion Shepard, 9th, said.

Kaleb and Demarion hadn’t always been close or had the best relationship.

“We had some beef in elementary during basketball and football, but we grew closer over the years,” Demarion said. “We later found out we were related.”

Something surprising about Kaleb is what contrasts him from his friends.

“I'm different from my friends because I help out the community and spend more family time,” Kaleb said.

Profile written by Jazmine Gonzales

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Kaleb McDonald