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Iesha Tillery

Iesha Tillery, Reporter

Iesha Tillery, 9th, likes basketball, school, and friends.

Speaking of basketball, Iesha is very fond of sports.

“Hobbies I enjoy are basketball and volleyball because they’re the ones I’m good in,” Iesha said. “I want to at least play NBH basketball.”

Iesha cares very much for her friends, like Rashell.

“Rashell Alexander is my best friend because I can trust her and she the only one that I really hang out with all the time,” Iesha said.

One of her friends is Deja Wesley, 9th..

“I would describe her as a good bipolar friend,” Deja said.

Iesha has a close bond with her friends.

“My friends are very important to me because they are like my family, and if I didn’t have them I don’t know what I’d do,” Iesha said.

Iesha believes that her friends and her are very much alike and help one another in different ways.

“We’re really not different because what they do for me, I do for them,” Iesha said. “Also, I’m kinda bad, and they’re kinda good. I have attitude, but my best strength is working hard when I want”

Iesha likes being a freshman.

“I like 9th grade best because we’re lit, and it’s the best year,” Iesha said.

In addition to freshmen friends, Iesha has siblings, too.

“I have two siblings and one older, but we don’t get along,” Iesha said.

Despite the rocky relationship, Iesha likes traveling with her family.

“My best traveling experience was when I went to New Orleans, and I went to go see my family and went places like Six Flags,” Iesha said.

Iesha likes keeping photos of her best moments.

“When I was little I went to the fair, and we took a pic so I want that pic,” Iesha said.

She receives good advice from her mother.

“The best advice I’ve received from a family member was to lose my attitude because my mom told me I will never go nowhere,¨ Iesha said.
Profile written by Alina Khamphavong

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Iesha Tillery