Baseball Athletes Find Motivation to Play for NHS

On a big, wide baseball field of dirt and bases on the ground, four 9th grade Kimmons boys play for Northside. At a game, fans will hear the pow of a ball hitting a bat and the whoosh of it going into a glove as the player digs in with his cleats.

“My parents motivate me to play baseball because they hype me up and tell me good things,” Andrew Hubbard said.

Baseball practice can be challenging.

“We work on routine and fundamental things,” Khaden Washington said. “What’s really challenging is the running for me!”

Jahree Greene also finds running difficult.

“The most challenging part is when we have to run hills,” Jahree said. “Really, we mostly just hit balls and catch balls.”

Andrew agreed with both Khaden and Jahree.

“Repetition and running is the most challenging part due to me not being in shape yet,” Andrew said.